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  • Environment-friendly Formulation of Agrochemicals


    With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, research and development of "water, granular, prolonged release " form has became the processing research focus, Pesticide processing industry is moving towards the direction of high efficiency, safety, economy, convenience and environmental protection.

  • A Selective Systemic Herbicides2,4-D


    Recently, after a special review of plant protection products containing 2,4-D acid, Canada PMRA recommended approval renewal registration of the herbicide 2,4-D. 2,4-D is a selective systemic he

  • China Launched First Floating Macrogranule


    First floating macrogranule product has been produced in China successfully. Product with high performance and labor-saving characteristic, it will innovates the use of herbicides in paddy field, helping farmers reduce their working costs, enhancing the efficiency of weed control.

  • Plant Growth Regulator Ethephon Manufacturer-YOKAR Breakthroughed Its Production Technology


    The manufacturer of plant growth regulator-YOKAR have successfully improved its plant growth regulator Ethephon production technology. Optimizing the synthetic process to purify Ethephon, the results showed that Ethephon purity ≥ 90% and yield approach to 94%. The improvement of synthetic technology has reduced our production costs effectively, thus enhance our competitiveness with excellent quality.

  • Agrochemicals Technical & Raw Materials of China Domestic Market Watch


    The transaction volume of agrochemicals technical was slightly shrinkage last month. Most of agrochemcials formulators reduced the purchase amount of agrochemicals, (because) they are waiting for starting of end market obviously. Expecting that after restarting of end market in April, the turnover of agrochemicals may grow.

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