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Agrochemicals Technical & Raw Materials of China Domestic Market Watch

2016-04-25 16:43:37 Yokar Read

The transaction volume of agrochemicals technical was slightly shrinkage last month. Most of agrochemcials formulators reduced the purchase amount of agrochemicals, they are waiting for starting of end market obviously. Expecting that after restarting of end market in April, the turnover of agrochemicals may grow.


On the side of agrochemicals insecticides, for example insecticide Abamectin, subject to sluggish demand of end market, the market price shows a correction trend; Nicotinamide insecticides' prices have increased due to intermediates' prices gone up. Pyrethriod insecticides are in stable transaction volume since the intermediates' price slightly gone down. Shortage of Fenvalerate has eased. But organophosphorus pesticides are still in weak demand, prices appeared to drop a little bit, only Spirodiclofen, Etoxazole, Propargite, Chlorfenapyr are hot selling.


For agrochemicals herbicides, herbicides Glyphosate is still in lower demand, but Glufosinate technical has rebounded, and acetanilide herbicides are also hot and in tight supply, other herbicides are in stable supply and marketing.


To view of agrochemicals fungicides, fungicides Pyraclostrobin and fungicides Chlorothalonil are serious shortage at present, Prices of Difenoconazole and Propiconazole rose due to low in stock. Other fungicide products are steady on prices.


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