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Environment-friendly Formulation of Agrochemicals

2016-05-06 09:43:28 Yokar Read

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, research and development of "water, granular, prolonged release " form has became the processing research focus, Pesticide processing industry is moving towards the direction of high efficiency, safety, economy, convenience and environmental protection.



  • Water-based formulations to be the trends. Suspension (Suspension Concentrate, SC), EW (Emulsion in Water), with water as the medium, reducing the use of harmful solvents, relatively safe for humans、 animals and less pollution, to a certain degree reduce the phytotoxicity to crops. China domestic formulators are focusing on developing of water emulsions, such as CYHALOFOP-BUTYL 10% EW, CHLORPYRIFOS 40% EW, LAMBDA CYHALOTHRIN 2.5% EW, BETA-CYPERMETHRIN 4.5% EW, ABAMECTIN 1.8% ME, they are popular with farmers.


  • High efficiency and labor-saving formulations are attention. In recent years, Oil dispersion (OD), Oil miscible flowable (OF), Water dispersible granules (WDG,), Effervescent tablets (ET), Hot fogging concentrate (HN), Ultra low volume spray (ULV) are popular with users. In China, approached three hundred registrations of OF and OD have been approved by MOA, herbicides are the main, especially active ingredient NICOSULFURON is the major. Water dispersible granules in our country is developing very rapidly, we have developed Terbutryn 80% WDG, Tebuconazole 80% WDG, Imidacloprid 70% WDG, Dimethomorph 40% WDG, Difenoconazole 50% WDG, Emamectin Benzoate 5% WDG and so on.


  • Technology of control release and are the hot topics of research. Due to pesticides’ Physico-Chemical Properties and using purpose different, it has important meaning to achieve control release and prolonged release for pesticides.① controlling active ingredient release, to extend the effect period, reducing pesticides’ dosage and times, also retarding pesticides’ resistance occurring; ② to prevent effect and decomposition occurring by light, temperature soil and microbial, ③ to reduce adsorption  of pesticides in soil, maximum performance active ingredient’s efficacy; ④ reducing chemical leaching and residue in soil, then avoid water pollution and reduces the incidence of injury; ⑤ controlling odor and reduces the irritation ⑥to improve stability of bio-pesticides and expanding the range of application. In recent years, Thiamethoxam 1% Micro-capsule powder, Thiamethoxam 2% Micro-capsule suspension have been successful developed and got satisfying effect.


  • Seed treatment technology is the important way to improve variety of crop in standardization, fine planting and increasing yield. Its remarkable efficiency and significance of environmental protection have been widely recognized. According with the development requirements of high yield, high efficiency and high quality agriculture in China. Products like TEBUCONAZOLE 60G/LT FS, AZOXYSTROBIN 250G/LT FS, IMIDACLOPRID 600G/LT FS, CARBOXIN 200G/L + THIRAM 200G/L FS, IMIDACLOPRID 350 G/Kg + THIRAM 300 G/Kg WS.


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